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Nova Scotia International Student Program Ring

Nova Scotia International Student Program Ring

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We designed the Nova Scotia International Student Program Ring with our own International Students that we host in mind. We understand the hard work and dedication that it takes to become part of this program. You leave your families behind and come live with strangers on the other side of the world. You all come as students but you all leave as family. This ring is meant to represent the lifetime of memories that you made while staying in Nova Scotia and attending the Nova Scotia International Student Program!

  • All of our products come with a lifetime warranty
  • 8 to 10 week processing time
  • If you cannot get into our store for measuring you can go into any Jewellery Store worldwide and asked to be measured using a wide band ring sizer. If you are ordering a High-Quality Stainless Steel ring then it is recommended that you measure this ring for your middle finger. The reason behind this, is that the High-Quality Stainless Steel ring can only ever be sized a half a size up or a half a size down, therefore as your hands continue to grow you can move it to whichever finger that it will fit making it possible that it may never need sizing depending on your hand growth.
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